Toast & Tonic, is an international restaurant and bar. It’s a manifestation of effortless chic, local inspirations, New American dining, and a bar with a belief that less is more. It is in a way, an expression of what made the East Village the quintessentially bohemian neighborhood of the world. The East Village, in the south of Manhattan is easy going and irreverent and grew from a stock pot of vibrant ethnic communities living together. Toast & Tonic captures the soul and spirit of world cuisine with a balance of local Indian ingredients and freshly made products, like never before.  


A meal here is comforting and yet gastronomically curious, the food - artisan inspired to modern. House cured and house made sausages, smoked meats, mustards, syrups, breads and kimchis blend with cooking methods that range from sous-vide and modernist techniques yet presented in a comforting and classical manner. Though the menu offers a variety of culinary cultures, it seeks to celebrate India’s bio-diversity-working with local producers to ensure that Indian products are championed in a non traditional way. Innovation is the key: it blends French, Asian, Italian, American and even Latin American influences.  


The bar at Toast & Tonic – is relaxed, unique and offers spirits and beers from around the world, a selection of wines plus an intriguing array of cocktails where ingredients are treated with reverence. Toast & Tonic prides itself in being devoid of artificial syrups and additives. The bar mimics the kitchen’s approach to its dishes as an exploration in showcasing organic flavours of fruits, flowers while making its own shrubs and tonics! 


The philosophy of creativity, innovation and sustainability naturally extends to the restaurant’s design elements, involving several designers, craftsmen and artists. Chip-board walls and roofs, floors made with decade old sleeper wood expose the integrity and honesty of the establishment. A voluminous barn like structure made with timber framework, houses literal and artistic representations of animals, livestock, and produce, commonly found on a farm - custom hand crafted animal light fittings, dried wheat and fresh flowers infuse the space.  


The East Village still holds the distinction of being the most eclectic in the city. But as eclectic as it is, it preserves a laid-back attitude so that everyone feels welcome when in this classic neighborhood. And at Toast & Tonic, we truly hope you’re ready. We certainly are.